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Monday, October 28, 2013

Top Tea Instagram Users

Recently, I sent out a tweet that read something along the lines of "Tea friends, send me your Instagrams - I need more tea photos on my feed!" I did this because, while the #tea hashtag is pretty popular with over 6 million photos, there aren't many tea images on it that I love enough to "heart" it. Most of the photos are just snaps of tea bags, a box of tea, a Tim Hortons or Starbucks cup, etc. I want to be able to follow users who share photos that capture the beverage we love in a unique way. Even though I do like to see photos of people's gathering for tea time with friends I would love to see more of the unfurling of tea leaves, the way you steep your cup, or even what you pair with a blend.

We are on Instagram as well (@teaaholic), and just recently started using it more than usual. We share photos of tea leaves, tea cups, steeps, and of course even everyday life stuff! Give us a follow by clicking the image below: 

Our Instagram Account: @Teaaholic

I took it upon myself to dig deep into the Instagram tea world and find some accounts that capture tea in the way I love. Maybe some of you can relate with my points above so I wanted to share with you a list of some of the users who I have found (in no particular order):

1. Tea For Me Please - A great tea blog, and an even greater tea Instagram account. Photos ranging from tea quotes, before and after steeps, tea on the go & more.

2. SlimBliss - I believe this is a company in Australia that focuses on selling organic herbal tea to help with digestion, but I first found out about them through their Instagram account. Not entirely all tea photos, but excellent images of consumers with their blend, smoothies infused with tea, etc.

3. Teaspoons and Petals  - Another great tea blogger. Something about the angle she captures all her unique photos enhances the images and draws my attention to them right away. I always feel like I'm there with her through each sips and nibbles of the tea & food pairings.

4. Tea Journal - A more recent account I stumbled upon. Not as many photos as the rest, but I still enjoy seeing their tea adventures in art form. Hope they will continue to post daily!

5. Tea Journey Man - Probably one of my favourite accounts that capture the beauty of tea leaves. Awesome up close shots of leaves that even include a mini review in the caption.

6. Australian Tea Masters  - Just do yourself a favour and visit this account. It really doesn't need an explanation. You'll find out and fall in love the moment you visit.

7. Tiramisurie - I love this account especially for the way each different tea cup is captured in some of the photos. Of course, all of the tea cups are beautiful looking too!

8. Bellocq - Okay, just click on this profile and you will see exactly why it's on my list. Each photo is beautiful and quite mouthwatering. If it doesn't make you crave a cup every time, I don't know what will.

9. Tea Drunk -  My favourite tea related photos on Instagram are usually of the tea leaf itself! This account never disappoints with their finest Chinese tea photographs.

10. Namasthe Tea Co - This account is filled with tea steeping, preparations but also incense, smudging & crystals (my favourite!) I also love that this account is updated regularly and with great quality captures!

I know there must be many more tea friends on Instagram, but it's not so easy to find! Please find us on Instagram and/or leave your username in the comment sections so we can check you out. If there is an account that isn't mentioned above that you think we would be interested in as well please tell us below! With how popular tea is on Instagram, I think we should have a large tea community on there as well. Let's make it happen together!


Nicole Martin said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I love that I'm already following everyone in this list :)

Lu Ann said...

Awesome! You have a good eye for great tea photos then, Nicole! :)

Divinity said...

Awesome post .i hope everybody will like your post

james william said...

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